Iran threatens strike against U.S., Israel

According to this article Iran thinks it is in a league with the United States and Israel and they want to apply the preemptive strike doctrine espoused by same. It has finally become apparent, as I note in this article that Iran has looked at the map and seen they are surrounded by US Forces in Iraq and Afganistan and, as they should be, they are afraid. They are in the process of miscaclulating and making threats that they have no capacity to follow through with.

If they think they are able to play with the big boys, we should call their bluff. We should see their nuclear reactor and raise them a couple of cities. Their military is no more capable than Iraq’s prior to the first Gulf War and we are in a significantly better position with the ability to strike from several fronts. In fact the only direction I don’t think we can come at them from is the Caspian Sea.

Oderint Dum Metuant. And fear us they do. Since we will never get them to like us no matter what we do, we need to insure they continue to fear us.