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Harvard’s Duplicity

Harvard University, home of the $41 Billion endowment, has received nearly $9 million in aid from the Federal Government under the CARES Act. President Trump has, rightly in my opinion, demanded that it be given back. Harvard has responded it intends to keep the money and that it will be spent on student aid and that none will be spent on University operations.

Harvard’s response is clearly deceptive. Student aid, scholarships, student grants, etc. go to students to pay their tuition and other fees at Harvard. So the money does go to Harvard to support its operations, filtered through the students.

What Harvard should do instead is forgive payments by students, make up the money lost from its massive, tax exempt nest egg, and return the money to the Federal Government to be used where it is really necessary.

Who You Gonna’ Trust

Here is a link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) projections for the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  ther predict 14-23 named storms with 8-14 Hurricanes.  They have been badly wrong the last 3 out of 4 years, so below you can view the predictions of Dr. James Hansimian, a well respected meteorologist.



You can follow along through the season.  Hurricane Seasons runs from June 1 to November 31, that’s 183 days.  The NOAA prediction would mean a new named storm every 8 to 13 days.  So if you go 13 days without hearing about a storm they are way off pace.

Who got it right?  We’ll let you know here after the end of the Hurricane season.

In Mourning

SOD grieves with the families who lost loved ones in the tragic and senseless shootings at Fort Hood.  Without devaluing the sacrifices of service men and women who have perished in war zones, these cold blooded murders are especially heinous.  Our prayers today are with the bereaved families and friends of those killed.

We also cannot help but wonder about the motivations of the man at the heart of this carnage.  Was it his religion that caused him to betray his country and his fellow service members or did this psychiatrist suffer a mental breakdown himself?  We hope the Army, and government at large, have the courage to look honestly at this incident and report all the facts to the American people.

Nobel Peace Prize Joke

Did you hear the one about a Democrat who gets elected President and 11 days after his inauguration is nominated for a Nobel Prize? Its even better than that because the punch line is that he wins after less than 9 months in office. Truly the Nobel Peace prize has become nothing more than a reward for thinking or speaking in ways the political left approves. Accomplishments or personal sacrifice that promote peace obviously mean nothing.

Don’t believe me? Lets look at the some winners from the last 10 years.

  • 2007 – Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and Al Gore – need I say more?
  • 2005 – The International Atomic Energy Agency and Mohamed el Baradei – If anyone or anything can be said to have done little to keep the peace it is the IAEA and Baradei.
  • 2003 – Shirin Ebadi – kook who thinks AIDS is a biological weapon
  • 2002 – Jimmy Carter – arguably the worst President of the United States until Barack Obama.
  • 2001 – The United Nations and Kofi Annan – Mentioning the UN and peace in the same sentence is an oxymoron.

And a few other notables:

  • 1994 – Yassar Arafat – Are you kidding me? This man was dedicated to exterminating Jews and wiping out the nation of Isreael.
  • 1990 – Mikhail Gorbachev – The ideological heir of Stalin, gets the prize for not blowing up the world and the man and woman who stopped him (Regan and Thatcher) get bupkis.

Along the way there have been a few good picks, Lech Walesca and Mother Teresa come to mind. But by and large, the formula for becoming a Nobel Peace laureate appears to be some combination of:

  • Be a communist or at least a Democrat.
  • Be a bureaucrat for a giant international agency that sucks up tax dollars (and demands more) but does nothing substantive unless it actually impedes peace.
  • Be a mass murderer or at least someone who kowtows to dictators.
  • Be opposed to American ideals of individual liberty and opportunity.

Earth Hour

As a few of you know, last Saturday March 29, was earth hour.  The call went out for us to turn off our lights for one hour, 8:30 to 9:30 in our time zone for, well, I’m not really sure what.  Were we saving an hour’s worth of energy, were we supposed to protest the use of fossil fuels?  Was the darkness supposed to symbolize our solidarity with the environment?  Who the heck knows?  And mostly nobody cared.

At first I thought I’d just ignore Earth Hour, but the more I thought about it the more I decided to celebrate.  Earth is ours.  It was given to us by a loving God to be our home, for our use and enjoyment.  What better way to say thanks than to turn on all the lights?  So that’s what I did.  Hope you had a well lighted celebration of Earth Hour too. 

The Court's Gitmo Solution

The Supreme Court has ruled that the administration cannot hold prisoners indefinitely and they may not try them before military tribunals. While the logic of both of these decisions escapes me, after all they are foreign nationals who were not in our country when apprehended and should have no rights under our constitution, they have left only one viable option. Since these dangerous individuals cannot be set free and they cannot be held, they must be pumped for all the information they have, taken out behind the prison and shot.

Not the solution I would have crafted, but who am I to question five out of eight of the Supremes?

Another Innocent

I saw this lovely article on Slashdot. The upshot is that the ACLU is upset because the U.S. is using, or may be using, a new type of technology that gives a real time picture of the brain as a lie detector on prisoners in the War on Terror. I suppose it works this way; the interrogator asks questions, shows pictures or just talks to the subject while an analysis team looks for clues about the subjects truthfulness in the changes inside his brain.

The ACLU is worried that this technology is untested and the reactions of the brain are poorly understood at best and may result in people being accused of crimes they did not commit because of errors or misinterpretations of the data. Well, you know me. I think that, as a general rule of thumb, we are safe doing everything the ACLU is opposed to, and this is no exception.

We are at war. Untested, cutting edge technologies are always rolled out in wartime in an attempt to get an edge over the enemy. Radar at the start of WWII was extremely crude, but it gave the British the edge they needed to win the battle of Britian. Airplanes were little more than wooden kites at the start of WWI but they were deployed as the waring nations sought every advantage possible. Why would the War on Terrorism be any different.

The individuals subject to these kinds of interrogations are combatants. This is a part of a legitimate effort to gain intelligence in the prosecution of the war, what does the ACLU prefer, torture? This is not a law enforcement operation. I would have problems if law enforcement agencies in the U.S. were using this technology on U.S. citizens or if people were having to pass these sorts of tests to get or keep a job.

But that’s not what’s happening. My favorite quote from the article: “What we don’t want is to open our newspapers and find that another innocent person has been thrown into Guantánamo because interrogators have jumped to conclusions based on a technology no one understands very well. ” No problem. Since there are no innocents in Guantánamo now, we don’t have to worry about another going there. Please.

The Relentlessness of the PC Message

Over spring break last year I visited Chicago with my family on a combination business and pleasure excursion. In the course of our outings there, we visited the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium. I enjoyed them all but became quickly tired of the continual carping of the Politically and Environmentally correct.

Its not even as if I don’t agree with it to some extent. With better management we could have saved the passenger pigeon or the American Bison. Its a real shame that coral reefs are in decline. Its lamentable (at the very least) that many cultures did not survive their contact with Western European Civilization. But you know what? None of that is my fault and I’m tired of hearing about it at every turn.

You’ve heard of compassion burnout, how people can be so overwhelmed by the needs of others that they become hardened to those they might otherwise help. That’s what I feel like when being accosted by people who want to make me feel bad about what people did long ago. Was slavery in America bad? Durn tootin’. Do I care? Yes. Did I have anything to do with slavery? No. Was it the most important aspect of American History prior to the Civil War and must it be mentioned every time that portion of our history is discussed? No.

But the curators of museums seem to be obsessed with what we’ve done wrong in the past. Again, don’t misconstrue me; those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it and we must be reminded of the mistakes of our forebearers. But they did a lot more stuff right than they did wrong and you can’t build a hopeful prosperous future if all you talk about is what went wrong previously. It is even more important to reinforce what is right than to dwell on what is wrong.

These people would better server the world and their constituents by relentlessly pushing a message of optimism and a can do American attitude. For all our wrongs, and they are many, there is and has been no greater force for good in the world than the United States of America. That’s what we’d do well to remember.

Another Fine Mess

What the heck is Bush up to? Is he even a Republican any more? Now its a good idea to let Dubai Holdings buy Doncaster Limited, a British aerospace company that is involved (among other projects) in providing turbines for the M1 Abrams tank and construction of the Joint Strike Fighter. This is way worse than the ports deal and I can’t believe it is even being considered. What’s next, buying body armor from the Chinese?

Agree with Hillary

Yes you read it right and yes it’s unusual. According to Reuters, Senator Clinton and another Senator have said they intend to introduce legislation that would ban companies owned or controlled by foreign governments from obtaining control of U.S. port operations. Specifically the bill would be in response to a proposed purchase of P & O by Dubai Ports World. Dubai Ports World is owned by the Dubai Government which is part of the United Arab Emirates.

So what do I agree with? I agree with the notion that port operations in the U.S. should not be under the control of any foreign government, especially not an Arab government. Truly this seems like a no brainer. Perhaps that’s why Hillary gets it.