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What Will it Be Like

What will it be like, this life after death thing?  What will we look like, where will we be, of what will our existence consist?  If living forever is the desired end result produced by our faith, its really reasonable to ask what that life will be like.  Surely we wouldn’t want to do this if we were going to be miserable later on, forever.

Apparently the Corinthians were not only questioning the notion of a resurrection and eternal life, they were asking about what it would be like, specifically what would their body be like.  They could see that people die, are buried and that buried bodies rot away, so if the body is gone, and we are to live forever, how the heck does that work.

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The Resurrection, Seeing is Believing

There are many things about Jesus that are similar to other religious figures throughout world history.  Many were said to have performed miracles, some have even been said to have died on their followers behalf.  But none have been raised from the dead.  Jesus Resurrection, even more than his sacrificial death in our place, stands out as a sign for us to see and believe.

I have never really considered the Resurrection as a sign before.  I would like for us to do so, less in a factual way, more in a contemplative, meditative, devotional way.  What does the sign mean to you?  What does it point to for you?  How, if at all, does it impact you?

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