This blog is the current iteration of a Blog I have kept, on and off (mostly off), since 2007 which is a relatively long time in Internet years. It has been known previously as South of Dallas and By the Brazos. When it got hacked a couple of years ago I thought I might quit altogether, but I found I just can’t resist the temptation to yell into the void.

And that’s all I’m really doing here, yelling into the void. I have no illusions that anyone reads these posts or cares, even if they do accidentally stumble across one. No, this is the part of the web absolutely nobody is talking about.

So with the ability to say anything to nobody, what do I want to say. The most important thing on my mind is that the God who created the universe and everything in it (including you and me), loves us and wants to us to have a relationship with him.

Some other minor things are: I like Apple and I don’t like the policies of the Democrat party. And there will be other random things that pop up, but those will likely be the majority of the posts.

So if you like By the Bosque and find it all helpful, great. If not, then you and I have both wasted our time.