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Moving to the Cloud

South of Dallas has officially moved off of my own machine sitting in a rack at my office, to a shared host at Dream Host.  the setup was relatively easy, although apparently it would have been even easier if I had known less about DNS.  The biggest hang up in the transition was getting the content over, but even then I outsmarted myself (another day).

Dream Host’s price can’t be beat, $1.98 per month with Shell access, FTP, SFTP, unlimited domains/subdomains and all the MySQL databases I care to use.  Bandwidth and storage are also theoretically unlimited but I’m sure that’s not exactly true, more like they haven’t set a limit, but if I use too much they’ll let me know.

So we’ll see how it goes.

Who You Gonna’ Trust

Here is a link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA’s) projections for the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  ther predict 14-23 named storms with 8-14 Hurricanes.  They have been badly wrong the last 3 out of 4 years, so below you can view the predictions of Dr. James Hansimian, a well respected meteorologist.



You can follow along through the season.  Hurricane Seasons runs from June 1 to November 31, that’s 183 days.  The NOAA prediction would mean a new named storm every 8 to 13 days.  So if you go 13 days without hearing about a storm they are way off pace.

Who got it right?  We’ll let you know here after the end of the Hurricane season.

Google Wave, Huzzah

Google wave rolled out today for everyone, including Google Apps domains.  I’m not sure what the heck it is, how to use it or why I’d use it.  But I like it and have enabled it for my Apps domain.

Great Season


Unfortunately my Bears did not have it in them to Beat the Blue Devils in the Elite 8 and I’m bummed.  But if you had told me prior to the start of the season that we would make it to the Elite 8 and lose to Duke, I would have taken that in a heartbeat.

So great job Lace, Tweety, Udoh, Lomers, et al.  Great job.  Can’t wait until next year.  Well unless the Football Bears make something happen this season.

Olive Tree Bible Reader for iPhone

Best Bible Reader/Study program I’ve ever used.  It permits users to open two panes with custom sizes in each of which can be shown the users choice of a Bible translation or commentary (such as Matthew Henry).  If you’ve bought Strong’s you can display Strong’s numbers next to the text and link directly to the Strong’s entry.  The panes will sync, ie scroll together, or not at the user’s selection.  Book marking, highlighting and note taking on a per verse basis.  Best of all the notes can be synced back to my Evernote account and edited/expanded using the Evernote desktop client or web interface (easier than typing on an iPhone). Highly recommended.