Cheney attacks Kerry's call for 'more sensitive' war

I really don’t need to say any more, Cheney says it so well as reported in this article from SFGate (not my usual read, but what the hey), but I’ll say some more anyway because the point is important. Of what would a sensitive war consist? Would it consist of subrogating our sovereignty to the French and Germans? Would it mean putting the United Nations in charge of our foreign policy? Would it mean adjusting our tactics and strategy to fit the desires of people who are not our friends and do not wish us well? Does it mean killing people with a smile?

Any of these things should be anathema to America and Americans just as the proponent of sensitive war, John Kerry should be. What did John Kerry think of being sensitive when he was under fire in Vietnam? perhaps we know based on his actions after he got back home and trashed those he served with.

America does not need to be more sensitive, it needs to be less. I don’t mean that in cruel way either. When we have disagreements with our allies, which we will from time to time, then because we are allies we go our separate ways and each takes actions it feels are in its own best interests. The real test of an ally is what they do when they disagree, even your enemies will go along with you when they agree and its in their interest (think the U.S.S.R. during World War II).

But we don’t have that many true allies, so we shouldn’t worry about those who already dislike our policies or who already hate us and, proceed, as insensitively as possible, to destroy our enemies.

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