So All iPod Owners Are Pirates?

Here is an interesting ad just released by Microsoft pushing the Zune subscription service over iTunes.

The ad is trying to sell Zune subscription service on the basis that paying $15 per month for the subscription is cheaper than filling up a 120GB iPod at a buck a song.  But that’s not the point that’s interesting.

Do you know people who have full, or nearly full, 120 or 90GB iPods?  Sure you do.  Do you think they paid $30,000 or $22,500 to fill them up?  Then where did the music come from?

Per the ad, music costs about $250 per Gig or that songs at a dollar a piece are about 4MB each.  So a 16GB iPhone  or iPhone nano costs $4,000 to fill.  Do you know anybody with a full iPod nano?  Do you think they spent $4,000 on the music? Do you know anybody who has spent $4,000 on digital music?

Lets take another case where an iPod owner might fill her iPod with music ripped from CD’s she owns.  If the average CD costs $12.99 and has 10 tracks and it takes (per the math above) 30,000 tracks to fill a 120GB iPod then it would take 3,000 CD’s at a total cost of $38,970 to fill the iPod.  Do you know anybody who owns 3,000 CD’s?

Just a thought.