Google Mail Native Interface vs. Outlook 2007


Here’s my list of pros and cons of using the Google Web Interface over Outlook (note cost is ignored because I already have Outlook).  What would you do?



Native Interface lets you use all of Google’s capabilities.

Does not interact with desktop, providing alerts on email arrival etc.

Reduces complexity by avoiding yet another program on the computer (Outlook), plus another synchronization with yet another program (SyncMyCal) .

Face it, Google is not very pretty .  And the Firefox add-ons that try and make it look better are mostly epic fails.

May improve computer performance, Outlook is a known dog.

Interaction with other MS Office applications.

Available everywhere on every device with internet access.

Viewing attachments can be more cumbersome.  No drag and drop, no instant native viewers etc.

Excellent Calendaring Services

No viewing pane for mail.

Recently introduced task list in Google Labs.

No offline viewing or composing mail.

Super fast searches of email and contacts.

No “home”, no one place to go for mail and calendar stuff.