How Will the Danes Respond?

A cartoon depiction of Mohammed wearing a turban with a bomb in it was published by a Danish newspaper. Muslims around the world have reacted by rioting in the streets, threatening western interests and, in Damascus and Beriut, buring down the down the Danish embassies. The Muslims are well and truly outraged.

A cartoon, while it may be offensive and repugnant, is merely an image while the loss of life and property is a much more serious matter. I am somewhat conflicted over this issue. I would be outraged about the prospect of sacrireligious treatment of Jesus in the press. But my outrage would prompt me to write a letter to the editor, post to my blog, boycott advertisers or cancel my subscription not march in the street carrying a sign calling for death to the infidels or burn down an embassy. I believe my coreligionsits would respond the same way.

No it is the Danes who should be outraged and who should now respond with force. Nations cannot allow their embassies to be burned without reprisal. I do not know the capabilities of the Danish Armed Forces. Their navy seems designed for costal defense and fisheries patrol and their Air Force does not have access to bases that would permit them to strike targets in the middle east. But they must find a way. Countries who are unable to defend their interests abroad will not have a voice, especially in the middle east.