Full Agreement on Racism

Morgan Freeman is echoing my long held sentiments about racism in a 60 Minutes interview quoted in an article on the SeattlePI website. In the interview he says that the only way to get rid of racism is to “stop talking about it” and to quit labeling people as black or white, and view them as simply people.

I suppose Mr. Freeman would not be opposed to being able to describe people by the color of their skin in the way we might describe someone as a redhead or tall or thin (Mr. Freeman for example is an older, distinguished looking black man, with salt and pepper hair). Here black and man are merely descriptive terms not terms laden with hidden meanings. It is these hidden meanings and agendas I, and I hope Mr. Freeman, oppose.

We we need to be able to describe each other in a physically objective manner, we need to do so without the subliminal baggage that comes with describing someone as Black or White or any other color (human variety being almost endless) and not lump people into classes based on purely physical descriptions. Bravo Mr. Freeman, Bravo.