The Inevitable War With Iran

You read it here first, a war with Iran is certain, its only a matter of timing. This My Way News article shows that the drumbeat for war has not slowed with the passing of time, the US elections, and changes in the administration.

I am not in favor of war with Iran or anyone. I have not served as a member of the military, but you don’t have to have actually been there to appreciate the devastation of war as it is waged today. I am not anxious for our military personnel to be placed in harm’s way and I am not enthusiastic about the prospect of killing hundreds of thousands of Iranians. That’s what the death toll in a war with Iran would be. Even though the US military works extremely hard to keep from killing civilians, they are very efficient at targeting and killing hostile forces. Iran has a numerically large military and, faced with the lethality of the US military, their military casualties alone could easily exceed 100,000.

None of those prospects makes me happy. But this is a confrontation that has been brewing since the Carter Administration. It would have been better to have done this sooner, casualties would have probably been lower for everyone. But having a nuclear armed Iran is something that cannot be permitted. George Bush knows it cannot be permitted. The Europeans know it cannot be permitted (although they won’t admit it and are unwilling to do what is necessary to keep it from happening).

The only way for war to be averted now is for the Europeans to step up with a credible military threat against Iran in the event negotiations break down. If Iran believes that Europe would be united with the US in any military action then Iran will back down. As long as they believe they can play Europe and the US off against each other they will continue to seek nuclear arms, which the US will not permit. Oddly enough it is Europe’s “peaceful” stance, its renunciation of the use of force to settle these matters, that emboldens the mullahs and makes war inevitable.