Over the Top, But He Has a Point

Once again the ever incendiary Joseph Farah is drowning in his own hyperbole and worked into a lather over the violence done to U.S. sovereignty by illegal immigration from Mexico. His article on WorldNetDaily, Conquer Mexico, says, essentially, that Mexico presents a threat to U.S. sovereignty and we ought to do what we always do with such threats, destroy the existing regime and install a true democracy.

While his prescription is way too strong, he does make one valid point. Quoth Farah:

Imagine you’re a U.S. citizen entering Mexico illegally. Once there, you demand free medical care and English-speaking nurses and doctors. You also want free education for your child – in English. You also say you expect classes on American culture in the Mexican school system. You demand the right to vote in Mexican elections and you insist on bilingual ballots. Since, as an English speaker, you find it difficult to find regular work, you sign up for welfare. Next, of course, you demand a Mexican driver’s license.

What about it? Why is it just that Mexican nationals should make such demands of us when it is obvious that the reverse is unjust? Why is it unjust, unwise or imprudent to insist that our nation receive the same treatment that Estados Unidos Mexicanos would insist on?