Where Are the Moderate Muslims

In the wake of the tragedy in a Russian school which left over 300 dead, more than 150 of which are children, it is time to ask the question: Where are the moderate Muslims? We’ve heard all along that Islam is a religion of peace and that the majority of Muslims simply wish to practice their faith in peace, but where are those peaceful Muslims?

Why are there no Muslims in the streets of the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Holland and Germany demanding that their co-religionists cease killing innocents as they did in Russia? It can’t be said that they are holding back because of their dislike for the policies of the United States, because the attack was against Russia. I suppose one could say that they are still holding a grudge because of the invasion of Afganistan and the brutal treatment of its inhabitants by the Soviet Union. Or, perhaps, they are showing solidarity with the Muslims of Chechnya. But where in the Western world do we show solidarity with groups that openly flout our values?

So do the majority of Muslims condone terrorism? I don’t know, but absent any evidence that they oppose terrorsim what are we in the West to assume?