Presidential Election

Americans are getting ready to choose a new President. We do this every four years and are the wonder of the world because for more than two hundered years we have made this choice peacefully and according to our constitution without fail. No outgoing President has yet said, “No, I think I’ll keep the office.” Despite hanging chads, civil war, world war and cold war the electoral process has prevailed.

But how to choose which candidate to vote for this time? I would like to suggest a simple formula: look at who want’s to see whom elected. Who does Fidel Castro prefer in the election? Who does Yasser Arafat think would make a better President for the United States? Whom does the government of the Peoples’ Republic of China think would be best to guide us? With whom does Osama Bin-Laden wish to face off? Which candidate has the North Korean press endorsed? Who has garnered the most support from militant Islamic groups? Who is the candidate favored by the Al Asqua Martyrs Brigade? Which candidate received an endorsement from the Communist Party USA?

In all cases the answer is John Kerry. None of these people wish America well and all of these people wish John Kerry were President.

That makes the choice of people who want to defend our country from terrorism and want to keep our country’s position as the world’s only economic and military Super Power obvious. If you want what’s best for America, listen to Fidel Castro et al and vote for George Bush.