Iran is next, make no mistake. It was not for nothing that George W. Bush put them on the Axis of Evil list. Nothing will happen until after the US election, but we are going to take down Iran. And its about time.

I read this article at Fox News (which started this train of thought) that suggests that Iran is willing for a show down to happen. I have read other opinion pieces that suggest that Iran was the winner of the Iraq conquest.

What are these people writing comentaries thinking? And, more to the point, how idiotic are the Iranian leaders if they think this is a victory? The purpose of invading Iraq and Afganistan was to take the war to the enemy. America has, since the Civil War, not fought on its home soil. This is an excellent policy. If people want to fight with us we should make sure it is their homes that are destroyed in the battle not ours, and that is what we have done here in spades.

As far as Iran winning in this round I fail to see how they have won anything. Look at a map, as of today the Great Satan has large numbers of troops with full operational freedom in countries that border them to the west and the east. How is that a win for them?

The Fox News article also suggests that the US, as a result of the conquest of Iraq, has lost influence in the region because none of the Arab states will now act on our behalf to reign in Iran. What utter BS! None of them were acting on our behalf or in our interest before. None of them were restraining state sponsored terrorism in Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, or Syria prior to the liberation of Iraq. Our position has strengthened because now we have the capability in region to act in our own interests without depending on allies and friends who were doing nothing at all to help us.