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The Golden Rule in the Context of God's Provision

The passage we are going to talk about this week has a lot to teach us and while I want us to focus primarially on one aspect I don’t want us to ignore its other applications to our lives. As always when studying scripture, it is important to consider context, and that is seldom more true than when considering Matthew 7:7-12. In order for us to keep what I consider to be the primary thrust of the passage in mind, we are going to start at the end of the passage and work our way forward.

As we have discussed before, the Sermon on the Mount is Jesus’ description of the Kingdom of God, and a discussion of the nature and actions of its Citizens as compared to the Religious Establishment of the Day and the people of whom it was comprised. As such, it was also an explication of the Law by its author. Matthew 7:12, which we will examine first, is the summary statement of that explication. And what is Jesus summary of the Law and the Prophets? Treat others as you would be treated.

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