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Yet Another Wedding

The bible is replete with examples of weddings and references to weddings or marriage.  And when there are no actual weddings under discussion they seem to be a favorite form of reference, particularly when used by Jesus, to describe the relationship between God and his people.  This week we are going back in Matthew, prior to the Olivet Discourse we discussed last week to a parable told by Jesus regarding a royal wedding.  This is another in my series of highly unpopular and disquieting parables (at least for me).

This particular parable in Matthew 22:1-14 and is sort of the darker, more sinister and brooding twin of the parable in  Luke 14:15-24.  It seems to me, like all good preachers, Jesus had a set of preacher stories that he told when he talked and modified them each time to fit his audience and/or make a particular point.  In the text from Matthew, the story is pointed indeed.

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