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What does it mean to be pure?  Merriam-Webster offers several possible meanings for our consideration.   The first is “unmixed with any other matter”.  This is somewhat of a scientific definition, there is stuff and not stuff  and when there is stuff and no not stuff in the container it is pure stuff.

The second is “being thus and no other” as in sheer or unmitigated.  Pure evil or pure folly would be two examples of this usage.

Yet again, it could be “free from what vitiates, weakens or pollutes or containing nothing that does not belong”.  The pure/clean food movement currently making the rounds (at least in restaurant commercials) would fall in this category.

But what does it mean in a Christian context?  What does it mean to be Pure?  I think that we have spent most of our time as church people talking and thinking about purity in terms of sex.  We throw in a few other things, like language occasionally, but purity in church tends to be code for discussion of our sexual behaviors, outlooks, and thought life.

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