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The 7th and last of the classical signs in John is the resurrection of Lazarus.  The synoptics record two other resurrections:  Jairus’ daughter in Mathew, Mark and Luke and the Widow of Nain’s Son in Luke.  Only John records the events in John 11.

While there are a number of similarities between the other two recorded resurrections and Lazarus’, there are two important differences.

Comparing the case of the young man from Nain with Lazarus:

  1. A sick person dies before Jesus arrives.
  2. He tells the widow not to cry (like Lazarus’ relatives).
  3. He commands the young man to get up.

Comparing Lazarus with Jairus’ daughter:

  1. A sick person dies before Jesus arrives.
  2. Sleep is used a s a metaphor for death
  3. Jesus express emotion or displeasure with the mourners
  4. Jesus commands Lazarus to come out.
  5. Jesus gives instructions for care for the one raised.

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