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Hebrews 5:11 – 6:12 – A Challenge

Hebrews 6 has the opportunity to become a trap of sorts for us, to tangle us in a theological issue that remains a bone of contention among brothers and sisters to this day: can a person, once saved, loose their salvation? Let me give you what I feel is the definitive answer: yes and no. Scripture clearly says both, any of you could find proof texts on point. Just like the bible says that God foreknows who will be saved and who will not and, at the same time says we have a choice in the matter. These are concepts that seem somehow to exist simultaneously, to both be true at the same time. And if we have the freedom to choose to follow Christ (or not) and yet have our salvation be entirely a matter of God’s sovereignty not our own actions, then, once saved, our salvation rests securely with God and with the whims of our own hearts at the same time. Continue reading