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The First Rule of Fast Club…

…is nobody talks about Fast Club.

Or at least so it seems.  You don’t hear many people, especially in Baptist Churches talking about fasting.  You hear about fasting rather more from our Catholic friends.  That’s the whole purpose of Lent is it not?  You give up something you like as a sacrifice or to concentrate more on your walk with God.  Or you do it as a means to propitiate God, to placate Him, to get Him to notice you or to show Him how worthy you are.  Or perhaps it is to punish ourselves, to somehow atone for our own sins.  Or maybe it has magical properties as a ritual, like reciting the Payer of Jabez over and over (to cite a more or less recent example of mummery that keeps showing up among Christians).

How about you, have you thought about fasting? Have you fasted?  I have to admit that I have never even considered the possibility.  I suppose the closest I have ever come to fasting is my traditional abandonment of rutabagas for Lent.  I have given them up for as long as I can remember, starting as a teenager, and I have never, ever, cheated.  It is not often that I flirt with perfection so I must cherish what little I can find in my life.

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