Transition Complete

With the rollout of folder sharing in iOS 13.4 and MacOS 10.15.4, my quest to be all into on Apple cloud file system using iCloud Drive and Notes is complete and seems to be working quite wellThings got off to a rock start when folder sharing got pulled from iOS 13 just prior to launch last year, and continued to spiral down with the initial quite buggy (in my experience) release of Notes folder sharing.

Something must have changed on the backend though because where before new notes might not appear in a shared folder for hours or days, today they are syncing immediately. Ditto for files shared with iCloud drive.

I have bid a fond farewell to Evernote and Dropbox. I would do the same for Last Pass if keychain would let me group my passwords in folders and share them with my family. And I would ditch Office 365 if iWork would support Excel and Word formats transparently and allow them to be default formats for creating new documents. The iWork formats would be fine if I worked in a vacuum or if more than .0001% of spreadsheet and word processor users used iWorks formats. Alas this is not the case.

Changes like that to iWorks are never likely to happen, but I have some hope apple will give us a better shared way to manage our photos.