Google Chrome

Downloaded the most recent beta version ( of Google Chrome today just to take it for a spin.  Its supposed to be the fastest thing ever for viewing web pages, yada, yada yada.  I was able to get Adsweep working with a minor amount of head scratching, and it actually blocks ads.

But it is not as slick as Adblock+, and it does not block ads instantly.  The first time you go to a page during a session, the ads load and then they go away.  Annoying.  I was also sad to note that the developer has abandoned the project for lack of technical support from his users.  Sad to lose the project.

Other than that I was not blown away by Chrome.  It does not “seem” any faster to me than Firefox, and the ad blocking experience is not nearly as good.  For now, I’m still sticking with Firefox.