Playing With Linux Again

Despite my vows to myself to leave Linux alone for a while and just be happy with Vista (happy, happy, joy, joy), like the addict I know myself to be, I’m playing with Linux again.

This time its Kubuntu.  I actually installed Mepis 7, but in what seems like a strange regression to me, never could get it to see my wireless network card.  Kubuntu 7.10 sees the card and, at least in the abstract works pretty well.  I have installed the nvidia drivers and all the good (but naughty) codecs provided by Automatix. 

Over the next few weeks I will see if I can get it to resume from sleep (the system seems to sleep fine, but won’t resume) and get it to work with my Dell docking station and flat panel montior.  The lack of these feature are the source of my major pains with Linux.