State of My Linux Gripes

When I moved back to Windows from Linux late last year I had four major gripes so I thought I’d report back on what progress, if any, I’ve seen in the Linux community in addressing these problems.

  1. Lack of WPA support. This has mostly been addressed in the Ubuntu distro flavors that I favor. The Intel based wireless card in my Dell just works with Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mepis and Linux Mint.
  2. Lack of support for suspend to ram and disk. No progress. I have a question on the hardware section of the Linux Mint forum that has stayed at or near the top of the list for a week, but nobody can tell me how to make my laptop hibernate or sleep.
  3. nVidia drivers won’t work with a flat panel when the laptop is in its docking station. No progress. Not a clue or the hint of a clue. The same question on the Linux Mint forum includes this issue as well and to date, no takers.
  4. Spotty support for Palm synchronization. I haven’t tested this one yet. If I could get the flat panel to work I might get brave enough to risk the data on my palm to a sync with Evolution, but not just yet.

So the score is 1 solved mostly, 2 no progress and one unknown.