Back to Windows XP

Well I hate to say it, but after a month with Vista I’ve reverted to XP. Vista started out ok but after a few weeks response times were down, reads and writes from network drives were very slow, even opening and saving files to the local disks seemed slower than XP.

There were also some driver issues. HP hasn’t released a real driver for my printer at home so it had limited functionality, the Palm Desktop software is not fully supported in Vista and Pocket Tunes won’t work at all. I can’t blame Vista per se for the poor support from Palm and NormSoft, but until they decide to catch up, what can I do? One of the reasons I moved back to Windows from Linux was for things that just worked, especially my Palm.

I have run Linux for 5 years (on and off) so believe me when I say I know Beta software when I see it. Vista has that Beta feel about it. I think I’ll wait for Service Pack 1 to try again.

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